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          Product Selection and Configuration

          Identify the Most Effective Products for Your Application

          We offer many product selection and configuration tools that can help you choose and configure the right industrial products. These tools are available online so you can access information while in the office or on the plant floor.

          Product Selection Tools

          Use these product selection tools to help you select the right products and develop a bill of materials for your application:

          • ProposalWorks — Build complete quotes based on detailed product information
          • Procurement Specifications — Find product specification including communication options, ratings, and certifications
          • Online Product Directory — Search and filter our library of Allen-Bradley products
          • Sensor Selection Tool — Select your sensor by industry and application
          • I/O Selection Tool — Download the I/O Tool, open index.html, choose your application criteria, and browse for options.

          Control Systems Configuration Tools

          Design and develop your industrial control system with a variety of configuration tools:

          • Development Accelerator Toolkits – Access resources such as sample code, application logic, preconfigured faceplates, and auto-CAD drawings for various industries and applications
          • Integrated Architecture Builder – Configure your Logix-based control systems and process automation systems and select the appropriate hardware needed to build your architecture
          • System Configuration Drawings - View commonly used system-level configuration drawings to help you determine what size system you need to build
          Product Selection Toolbox is a collection of tools, that includes ProposalWorks, Integrated Architecture Builder, MCS Star, and more!

          Product Selection Toolbox is a collection of tools, that includes ProposalWorks, Integrated Architecture Builder, MCS Star, and more!

          Safety Systems Configuration Tools

          Pre-engineered Safety Functions

          Our Safety Systems Configuration Tools provide guidance for a specific safety function based on functional requirement, equipment selection, and performance level requirement.

          View Pre-engineered Safety Functions for Machines

          Safety Automation Builder

          Use this free software tool to help simplify machinery safety design. This tool guides you through the development of your safety system including safety system layout, product selection, and safety analysis.

          View Safety Automation Builder

          Power and Motions Systems

          Simplify the design and development of your power and motion systems with a variety of tools and resources.

          How May We Help You?

          We offer exceptional knowledge and service to help you design, implement, and support your automation investment.