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          Motion Control

          Innovation and Efficiency for High Performance Architectures

          We understand machine builder challenges and deliver high-performance motion control systems to help meet your goals. If you want to innovate your machine or drive efficiency in your design, we offer easy-to-use, integrated motion solutions. Our portfolio includes various industrial motion products, software, and modular track systems.

          Servo Drives, Servo Motors, & Actuators

          Servo Drives, Servo Motors, & Actuators

          We offer servo drives, servo motors, and actuators.

          • Servo drives extend from compact single-axis to high-performance multi-axis for various applications
          • Rotary and linear servo motors and actuators provide a wide range of output power for a variety of environmental challenges
          • Integrated linear actuators provide flexible servo control through accurate positioning and quick-building forces

          Independent Cart Technology

          Independent Cart Technology

          Independent cart technology is a new approach to linear motors. Traditional conveyors rely on gears, chains and belts. Independent cart technology uses magnets to precisely control motion with frictionless propulsion! The result is:

          • Reduced downtime and maintenance
          • Decreased energy consumption
          • Improved ability to change move profiles and implement complex motion


          We offer exceptional knowledge and service to help you design, implement, and support your automation investment.