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          Advanced Process Control

          Scalable Model Predictive Control to Help Achieve Optimal Operations

          To remain competitive in the global marketplace today, many companies are shifting from product-driven operations to customer-centric, demand-driven manufacturing environments. As a result, manufacturers must reformulate their production methodology. They introduce a greater variety of higher value products, more frequent changeovers, and shorter production runs. This new environment requires advanced process control strategies and model predictive control (MPC) technology.

          Scalable Model Predictive Control

          Scalable Model Predictive Control

          Pavilion8? modular software platform is the foundation for our industry-specific solutions. This software platform includes modules to control, analyze, monitor, visualize, warehouse, and integrate, and combines them into high-value applications. Scalable, flexible, and easy to integrate with existing business and plant infrastructure, Pavilion8 is better than alternative technologies.

          MPC in the Logix Controller

          MPC in the Logix Controller

          Our PlantPAx? MPC solution is designed to run within standard Logix hardware. This solution can help you manage your most challenging advanced control problems. PlantPAx MPC is derived from the Pavilion8 server-based MPC product and is easy to configure, understand, and integrate with the rest of your process control system.


          We offer exceptional knowledge and service to help you design, implement, and support your automation investment.